On August 30, 1946 The Stockbridge Bowl Association was formed with the following objective: “…to protect the natural beauty of the Stockbridge Bowl… and to set the standards that may aid the general cause of conservation.

The Stockbridge Bowl Association has one main goal which is to preserve and protect by preventing further deterioration the magnificent body of water known as the Stockbridge Bowl.

SBA Efforts Past and Present

  • Has worked to discover the best way remediate damage to the lake caused by the invasive plant, milfoil

  • Over many decades​,​ has hired consultants and lake management specialists and developed remediation plans, first approved, and later reversed by the MA Natural Heritage Endangered Species Program

  • Has recently​ ​won approval for a trial application of the herbicide, fluoridone, following further underwater testing ​(Link to President’s Letter)

  • The Town of Stockbridge has recently formed a new Town Committee with multi-faceted representation called the Stockbridge Bowl Stewardship Committee

  • Owns and manages Kwuniikwat Island and Bullard Woods, both open to the public, and annually clears and maintains the trails on both properties

  • Has purchased signage, picnic tables and other equipment to enhance its properties

  • Has helped fund the purchase of the Town’s weed harvesters and established a liaison committee to the town to help direct the weed harvesters

  • Leads Heritage Walks through Bullard Woods on five weekends through September and October

  • Works with the Town Department of Parks and Recreation to improve the Town Beach

  • Designed and funded the buoys that are set out annually to delineate the safety zone

  • Helped establish sensible lake rules that were accepted by the Town of Stockbridge and approved by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth

  • Providing valuable information to the Town and to the Town’s Conservation Commission

  • Spearheaded efforts to increase awareness of deteriorating lake conditions

  • Created brochures highlighting the condition of the lake


President: Richard Seltzer
Vice-President: Phyllis (Patti) Klein
Secretary:  Laurie Dubner
Treasurer:  Richard Gerszberg
Clerk:  Matthew Mandel


Joan Cohen
Richard Gerszberg
Ira Golub
Phyllis (Patti) Klein
William C. Laidlaw
Paul Monachina
Michel Nathan
Marie Raftery
Richard Seltzer
Peter Strauss
Gregg Wellenkamp
Sally Wittenberg
Joanna Wolff


Beachwood – Pat Kennelly
Canyon Ranch – Leah Larmon
Camp Mah-Kee-Nac – Jamie Chadwin
Kripalu – Kevin (Moose) Foran (alternate:  Micah Mortali)
Lake Drive – William Koff
Laurel Hill Association – Lee Bolman
Mahkeenac Boating Club – TBD
Mahkeenac Heights – Lorraine Abraham
Mahkeenac Shores – Ronald Kaprov
Mahkeenac Terrace – David Brause
Tanglewood/BSO – Bruce Peeples
White Pines – Barbara Hobbs


Roxanne McCaffrey


Gary Kleinerman
Cris Raymond
Peggy Reiser

*The SBA board is comprised of both individual directors elected on their own behalf, and organizations who appoint representatives to attend board meetings and vote on behalf of their respective organization. Directors serve a three-year term unless filling a vacancy. All directors or their representatives are expected to participate by attending board meetings and serving on (or chairing) a committee or task force. Directors and officers are elected at the SBA Annual Meeting held each July or August