Mission Statement: The Stockbridge Bowl Association was formed on August 30, 1946 to “protect the natural beauty of the Stockbridge Bowl … and to set standards that may aid the general cause of conservation.”

Many of you have expressed interest in what the SBA has accomplished. This memo is a summary of what your organization has achieved.

  • The Lake Management Program, initiated by the SBA, was adopted by the Town of Stockbridge to promote the health of Stockbridge Bowl. Its implementation is co-funded by the SBA and the Town.
  • The heart of our efforts is the long-term “3-D Plan” to install a diversion drain, dredge the silt that has build up over the years, and drawdown the lake up to 5 ½ feet to freeze the weed bed and thereby  impede the growth of Eurasian Milfoil.
    • The Town and the SBA plan to install a diversion pipe to drain water beneath the set of gas and sewer pipes that partially block the outflow of the lake.
    • In stages, thousands of cubic feet of silt from certain areas will be dredged from the lake.
    • Recently, the Town of Stockbridge, working with the SBA, obtained approval for an enhanced winter drawdown to impede the growth of weeds.
    • Full implementation of the 3-D Plan will require major financial support. The SBA is assisting the Town in the permitting process and also in estimating the cost of implementing the Lake Management Plan. An important fund-raising campaign SAVE STOCKBRIDGE BOWL is in progress by the SBA.
  • The SBA was involved in establishing sensible lake rules that were accepted by the Town of Stockbridge, and approved by the Attorney General of the Commonwealth after we sent many letters asking him to endorse the plan.

    Jet skis prohibited * motorized craft must circulate counter clockwise * 40 mph maximum speed 10 a.m. to sunset; between sunset and 10 a.m., 6 MPH * safety zone of 300 feet from the shoreline * swimmers outside the safety zone must be accompanied by a boat * moorings and floats prohibited more than 300 feet from shore

  • Buoys were designed, funded and are set out annually by the SBA delineating the safety zone.
  • Properties owned and managed by the SBA are the Island and Bullard Woods and are open to the public.
    • Landing ramps were installed at the Island and Bullard Woods
    • Two picnic tables were purchased and placed at the shore of Bullard Woods.
    • A bridge was built to ford the stream in Bullard Woods.
    • New signage was designed and purchased for the Woods.
    • Work teams from the SBA Board annually clear the trails on both properties.
    • The SBA Board approved spending $5,000 from our treasury to clear  the trails of debris caused by the devastating wind-shear storm of December 2006.
    • A Bullard Woods/Island “Clean-Up Day” will be announced for next year. We ask that all SBA Members and the public participate in the care of these magnificent tracts of land.
  • The SBA helped fund the purchase of one of the Town’s weed harvesters.
  • The Board established a committee to serve as a liaison to the town to help direct the
    weed harvesters.
  • An SBA committee works with the Town Department of Parks and Recreation to improve the Town Beach.
  • The SBA Strategic Planning Committee has spearheaded efforts to increase awareness of the deteriorating lake conditions and to work with the Town Selectmen.
    • The committee created a very effective and well received DVD showing the past, present and possible future of the Lake.  The DVD has been shown on Public Access TV as well as other venues.
    • The committee prepared brochures for public distribution to highlight the condition of the Lake.
  • The Board has secured prominent front-page articles on the condition of Stockbridge Bowl in The Berkshire Eagle and The Record.
  • With equipment purchased by the SBA, one Board member is in charge of measuring and racking the water quality of the lake.  These measurements are recorded and the valuable information gained is important to the Lake Management Program and is shared with the Town’s Conservation Commission.
  • T his year the Board hosted its third annual Stockbridge Bowl Day at the Town Beach.  The DVD played on a continuous basis, Board Members answered questions
    from the public, and about 250 Stockbridge residents turned out to celebrate the lake.
  • Sixty-two years worth of SBA materials are now archived in the Stockbridge Library for use by the public, to aid other lakes in sound lake management and to establish an historic record of the SBA.

August, 2008